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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tote Bags

Tote, Tote, Tote Bags are at Gravity Trading.. Tote Bags for all your toting needs including each of are bags have a plethora of designs including Hello Kitty, 80s Philadelphia Eagles, Chargers, and much other design. Our totes are multi-purpose; you can use them to carry your lunch, groceries or school books. These totes are eco friendly, instead of using those nasty plastic bags which are bad for the environment you can you are totes to carry your groceries in. These bags are made of strong durable material and are long lasting.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Steve Jobs Resigns

By: Mike H

Head founder and CEO of Apple Computer, announced this August that he will be resigning. Jobs will be replaced with apple’s chief operating officer Tim Cook. Jobs will not leave apple completely he will stay on as chairmen of the board. Steve Jobs started Apple in the 1970s since then Apple has surpassed competing computer companies. Apple isn’t just one of the most successful computer companies but is one of the most successful companies period. Some speculate that Steve Jobs health may be the reason for heaving. Steve Jobs has experienced a great deal of health problems. Apple hasn’t specified why he is leaving but have sorted implied the Jobs health isn’t the reason. Lovers of Apple products will miss Steve Job’s online streaming events in which he introduces new apple products. You will be missed Steve Jobs!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evolution becomes Revolution

By: Mike H

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is one of the most intelligent, fun films of the summer. It’s probably one of the only summer blockbuster that doesn’t involve super heroes and the change is refreshing. The film is very complex and thought provoking. Although, the film is intelligent and complex, it is also a very fun film to watch. The story of planet of the apes is a story that is pretty common and quite recognizable. It is the story of the oppressed rising up against the oppressor. And like most film that deal with this subject matter, the protagonist is of two worlds. Caesar, (The first ape to develop higher intelligence) is raised by humans only to reject the human way of life and liberate his fellow apes in an uprising against the human race. Caesar is born into humanity and leaves humanity to join the world of the apes. The first part of the film focuses on story and character development. Specifically, we began to sympathize with Caesar as if he was human, so that when he is treated badly by other humans, we see a person being treated badly not just a dumb animal. The second part of the film is Caesar violent uprising against the apes which mimics any social, political uprising you would find in the history books. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a fun movie to watch but is also very thought provoking.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Horrible Bosses

BY: Mike H

Horrible Bosses title is pretty self-evident; it’s a movie about group of employees who hate their bosses. In the film each employees working at separate jobs, and are tortured by there bosses. These bosses are the epitome of the phrase “I hate my Boss’ Horrible bosses is full of crude and low brow rumor that some how comes of intelligent and sophisticated. In any case, audiences (those with jobs) will be able to relate to the lead character loathing of their superiors. In the film the three characters attempt to do what all employees since the dawn of time fantasies about doing, which is killing their bosses. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but you would definitely enjoy how this film turns out. And if you hate your bosses you can vicariously take out your frustrations in this film.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Captain America

By: Mike H

Captain America first appeared in the 1940s as the alter ego of Steve Rodgers a sickly young soldier whos physique was enhanced to physical perfection. Captain American became the countries secret weapons and would go on to be the leader of elite super force called the Avengers. Although Captain America doesn’t possess super human powers he is at the panicle of human strength and agility. He was injected with a serum that gives him the ability to run a mile in a one minute or bench press 1,100 pounds. He uses his strength, speed and prowess to defend the country from evil. Finally, captain America is coming to the big screen with actor Chris Evans playing the role of Captain America/ Steve Rodgers. Captain American is an iconic American hero, because he represents the strength and power of the U.S. So if you are a patriotic supporter of your country or a fan of comic book heroes, Gravity Trading has some awesome Captain American memorabilia that fans of all ages can enjoy.

80s T-Shirts

By: Mike H

At Gravity Trading we love the 80s, and what’s not to love about the 80s? The 80s was the decade glam metal, the birth of the personnel computer. The 80s brought us Mr. T, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Nintendo and the Rubik’s cube. At Gravity Trading we know how much you miss the 80s and would like to help you relive those memories. Which is why we have brought to you line of 80s T-Shirts. We have some of the coolest 80s shirts with prints including logos from Ghost Busters, Conan the Barbarian, the Goonies, Cheers and many more. We also have a line of neon graphic Ts with designs that includes images of vintage video game controllers, mix tapes, turntables and ton of other iconic 80 images. At Gravity Trading we make it our priority to get the merchandise to our costumer at the lowest prices. Some of our shirts come as low as ten dollars. So make sure to go to and browse through our 80s T-shirts.


By: Mike

Sorry to say it but back to school is near. But not to worry Gravity Trading has some of the best merchandise for back to school. We have back packs, fall clothing and any other items a student will need to go back to school in style. To name a few of our back to school items, we have hello kitty backpacks, messenger bags, lunch packs, etc..Our wide selection of hats include hello kitty, goose bums, transformers and we have winter hats Santa cloths that include LA Dodgers and LA Angels. The best thing about our back to school items is that they are top quality items at a reasonable cost.